Monday, 3 October 2011

Greeting Cards by John Cadiz

Originally from Trinidad, cartoonist John Cadiz has an “outsider’s” perspective that lets him skewer some classic Canadian conceits and idiosyncrasies; ones we didn’t even know we had until we saw his “Wilds of Canada” cartoons.

A logger eating his lunch under the last tree left standing; bears remodeling their den with fake wood paneling; a raccoon at the ophthalmologist, getting his eye mask checked; beavers in funny hats meeting at their lodge; a woman in her fir coat – words, of course, don’t do justice, but the images will have you chortling into your coffee.

Cadiz’s cartoons lampoon the sense of national identity that many Canadians are still searching for. Their quest should cease when they get their hands on these hilarious cartoons.


Moose Angels

Mush Hour

Polar Bears in the Garbage

Raccoons in the Attic

Washing the car

Wildlife at the Pool

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